Rumley Holmes in Barrie offers a full range of accounting and tax services, such as:

  • Developing income tax minimization and planning strategies
  • Preparation of personal, corporate, estate and trust tax returns
  • Estate and succession planning
  • Financial statement preparation
  • preparation of business plans
  • Bookkeeping, controllership, and financial management services

Income Tax Minimization

Here at Rumley Holmes, we take a proactive approach to ensure that its clients are minimizing their taxes both corporately and personally. We pride ourselves on taking a “BIG PICTURE” approach to ensuring that our clients income taxes are minimized over-time that do not involve taking short-cuts that may produce savings in the short-term at the cost of long-term tax savings. In particular, we have helped business owners in Barrie and the surrounding communities with tax minimization strategies that include:

  • Income splitting between spouses
  • Ensuring that your business is maximizing its deductions
  • Advice regarding when it is appropriate to incorporate a business and take advantage of low corporate tax rates and tax deferral strategies
  • Ensure that holding companies and trusts are used when appropriate
  • Estate freezes that assist in minimizing taxes when a business is being passed from one generation to the next
  • Identifying cross-border tax compliance issues

Preparation of Personal, Corporate, and Trust Tax Returns

Our staff of professionals are experts in the preparation of personal, corporate and trust tax returns. We ensure that our staff is up-to-date on the latest developments and changes in taxation to ensure that your income taxes are minimized.

Financial Statement Preparation

We prepare Notice to Reader, Review and Audited financial statements. Contact us to find out which is most appropriate for you and your organization.

Compilation Engagements:

The most basic level of financial statements preparation that we provide. Compilation engagement do not provide assurance with respect to financial statements and are not prepare in accordance with any professional accounting standards. These statements are best used for owner managed businesses with no third-party reliance is placed on the financial statements (i.e. banks, investors).

Review Engagements:

Financial statements subject to review engagements are prepared in accordance with GAAP and require us to perform limited procedures to determine whether anything comes to our attention that would indicate that the financial statements are not in accordance with GAAP.

Audit Engagements:

An audit engagement is the highest level of assurance that we provide for financial statements. An audit engagement consists of inquiries with management, analytical procedures and verification to assess the reasonability that your financial statements are prepared in accordance with GAAP.

Contact us to discuss what engagement is most appropriate for you and your organization.

Preparation of Business Plans

Starting a new business or looking to expand your existing business. We have helped new and existing business owners develop business plans to ensure the future success of their projects and obtain the financing they need.